Integrating PayPal Payments into E-Commerce Applications with ASP.NET

by Vahid 1. March 2009 16:24

 Check out the following article about Integrating PayPal Payments into ASP.NET E-Commerce Applications. this a very descriptive, useful article.

The process of integrating a PayPal payment involves several pages and HTTP POST backs.

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Need Credit card numbers to test your E-Commerce site?

by Vahid 28. January 2009 03:24

one issue we usually face while developing an ECommerce application is testing credit card  payment system. so here is list of credit card numbers we can use to test payment system.

AmericanExpressAmerican Express: 3111-1111-1111-1117

VisaVisa: 4111-1111-1111-1111 or 4222-2222-2222-2222

masterCardMasterCard: 5111-1111-1111-1118 

DiscoverCardDiscover: 6111-1111-1111-1116

remember that  CCV number and Name does not matter but you should keep the amount bellow $500 dollars and also make sure expiration date is not today but in the future.




Name: Vahid Taslimi

Expiration Date: 0110

Amount: $486.65

Hope this helps.


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