Have you heard about .LESS which Improves CSS

by Vahid 21. April 2010 08:57


If you are also involved in web development as part of your day to day job(sure most of us are), you know that dealing with css is inevitable. css is so important that everybody has to consider it; from the application architects to graphic designers.

Recently in the following blog post i read about .LESS library which was totally new but interesting for me. 

".LESS is a free, open-source port of Ruby's LESS library. LESS (and .LESS, by extension) is a parser that allows web developers to create style sheets using new and improved language features, including variables, operations, mixins, and nested rules. Behind the scenes, .LESS converts the enhanced CSS rules into standard CSS rules. This conversion can happen automatically and on-demand through the use of an HTTP Handler, or done manually as part of the build process. Moreover, .LESS can be configured to automatically minify the resulting CSS, saving bandwidth and making the end user's experience a snappier one. "  

If you want to know about .LESS for css, you can go through the same blog post which I went through:



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